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 1. One goal: let users moved

Article 2. The two concept: take away the user's worries, leave our care


3. All three requirements:

All-weather 24-hour hotline, 24 hours service solution, maintenance in place 48 hours, 365 days service not intermittent;

All-round, comprehensive provide from the product pre-sales consulting, comparable to check, to carry out the design, installation, debugging, the checking, maintenance, maintenance and after-sales service;

All professional, expert service team, professional service tools, 100% professional services, to ensure the quality of service.


4. Four don't leak:

A record of user information without skipping and establish the computer files;

A record without skipping users reflect the problem and feedback to related departments;

Not a solution to the problems existing in the user and until the user satisfaction;

A return visit to review the user without skipping reflect problems are not tracked on a regular basis.


5. The five are not allowed to:

Are not allowed to drink the water, the user is allowed to smoke, the smoke user is allowed to eat rice, the user is allowed to be, the user is allowed to use the toilet of the user


6. Six classes for free:

Free design, free door-to-door, according to the architectural design features and user needs;

Free shipping - users order products, according to the user specified time free door-to-door;

Free door-to-door free installation, professional installation, and teach the user usage;

The national more than 1000 service outlets, free maintenance, regular inspection and maintenance to the user.

Free consulting - 400 free service hotline to provide advisory services 24 hours a day.

Free service, warranty, belong to product quality problem and installation service, a full service free of charge.

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