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热购彩票登入:Be yourself, don't deliberately to please others

热购彩票 If we all the sovereign in his heart to others, others will not cherish, and may at any time to destroy it.

I believe that everyone hate myself, always have so a flash, make things to yourself and say it out, even couldn't believe it.

If you have inadvertently to agreeable with the language of "please"?

To cater to others' feeling, so bad!

In fact, many will make such a mistake, this is human nature.

There are a lot of women, including me, afraid of being people don't like, fear of gossip, afraid of other people look down on yourself, so will do anything to cater to others, likeable, her own line of defense can be ignored.

Just want to be like, the pursuit of certain others, will feel that build a keep to yourself the fence is not an easy thing.

I have a friend, working in foreign company for two years, watching the surrounding colleagues are promoted, nothing came himself, to find a training company requirements to improve management skills. Trainer after listening to her story, first arranged for a special class, let oneself become a resolute woman!

Trainer told her, she is very necessary to building a wall in his own heart, this wall is a defence, inside the wall, she is safe, she could not look at the others face, don't afraid, afraid to upset people. Of course, this wall and resist the role of gossip.

Finish the class, she began to understand:

Popular is a good thing, but not always welcome everywhere. All love, all love, who is not possible.

Soon, the girl has a "the wall", let the change in her condition, when she first to offend his colleagues said tough attitude, make each other in astonishment.

From then on, her workplace welcomed. She just do your own thing, no longer worry about relationships. Also because of attention, competent, rapid promotion.

That is, "a wall make good neighbors."

Want to blindly rink hijinks, please it is difficult for others of the same return. So it is necessary for us to defend their inner space, take hold of the scale of the "hard" and "soft".

If we put our own heart's sovereignty to others, others will not cherish, and may at any time to destroy it.

So, please don't mind if others on their likes and dislikes.

Kua, fall, it doesn't matter, cheer up. Please remember the following three principles:

1, do you have the right to say "no".

2, you have the right to express their views.

3, you have the right to remain silent. This is our each person a compulsory subject. From now on, we will start to practice myself.

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