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Was established in September 2010, r&d center, committed to the exploration and application of light, innovation, followed by light wave, the main light source in the global market and electronics research and development work, especially the research and development of new energy-saving products, including LED energy saving bulb, LED street lamps, and LED intelligent lighting system, etc.

After four years of accumulation and sustained effort, has established a complete r&d system, to provide a steady stream of power for the development of enterprises. Light source is established r&d center in shenzhen, the introduction of first-class talents, hire domestic famous electric light source experts for research and development center, research in cutting-edge technologies in the field of lighting; Cooperation with universities, realize the integration of production, study and research.


In guangdong shunde base building lighting laboratory according to the national standards, product quality testing standards and national synchronization, ensure product quality, stability, product factory pass rate in more than 99.5%, adhere to high quality light source, electronic parts, materials and craft, design requirement is generally higher than domestic lighting efficiency standards.


"Unity, the pursuit of the first" is the pursuit of the same team. May continue for the society in the era of the LED light-emitting fever, pay attention to the modern people's health demand, landmark health LED lighting products, at the same time the application field of light from light to expand to the plant photosynthesis, sterilization, air purification and water treatment, help people build all-round healthy living environment for the bright future of gen LED efforts to practice!


R&d team of more than 10 senior talent, industry leading products production line, the patent application number has more than 30 items. Company attaches great importance to independent research and development, annual investment of r&d costs ten million yuan. At present, the company formed by industry experts, led by senior engineers and other senior personnel of research and development team, patent number has more than 30; Established a dust-free operation such as EMC, SMT industry is relatively advanced laboratory; Confirm the leading industry of the production line, has the distribution box, lighting distribution box, weak current, low voltage switchgear, metering, distribution box, etc.), LED lamps and lanterns (including construction, household, lighting, office lighting, lighting, a business class), etc. Series of products. With the vigorous development of LED technology cause lighting industry, companies rely on industry research and development of lighting technology, leading to products and lighting solutions to upgrade the whole change provides a strong support, realize the enterprise to perfect transformation in the field of LED.


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