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 The company mission


To create a better life for human

We always adhere to technological innovation to improve the quality of products and services, and to contribute to the human, improve the quality of human life, promote human life more comfortable and more relaxed, more beautiful.

We strive to practice "create value for customers, creating opportunities for staff, creating profits for shareholders, create wealth for society" of the faith, and hard work, struggle, create a harmonious living space, realize the great ideal.


The beautiful vision


We are committed to become the domestic home appliance industry leader, one of the top three in the world electrical appliances comprehensive strength, make the "beauty" to become the world's famous brands.

We will continue to improve realm, think globally, is guided by the concept of globalization management, aimed at international advanced enterprise, continuous innovation, deepen the reform, fosters the talent, building a global advantage of the enterprise value chain.


The core values


People-oriented: everyone is talent; Respect the ability and opportunity; Return and contribution matching; Lifelong learning, continued ascension.

Rational pursuit: would rather slow step by step or two, do not go wrong half step; The pursuit of sustainable development; To solve the problem in the development.

Innovation: to self-denial, self-motivated; Have the courage to try, continuous improvement; The pursuit of excellence, not ordinary.

Franchising: has highly unified; Full authorization, strict supervision; Layers of separation of powers, results orientation.

Share collaboration: trust each other, take the initiative to take responsibility; Communication and cooperation, complementary synergy; Value for honour, benefit sharing.


Operating rules


Basic principles: centralized youdao, decentralized orderly, authorization, chapter, responsibly and unavailability

Development concept: harmonious development and scientific and effective development, coordinated development

Decision-making principles: respect facts and figures, from xian non-conformity, democratic decision-making, management authority

Traction mechanism construction: the target responsibility system, interests, rolling, stimulate the vitality; With a mechanism to identify talent, develop talent


Rule of human resources


Basic principles: human capital is the first capital; Just, fair and open to employees; Don't promise lifelong employment and training employees lifelong employment ability.

Use: talent recruitment, doesn't mean all the blame, tolerate the mistakes due to innovation.

Talent promotion: identification of beauty culture; Conscientious, wuxi); Position matching with ability, and actively complete performance; With innovative spirit, the pursuit of excellence

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